27 October 2013

One story from Jan of Sweden

This happen to one of the fellow traveller who I met recently, lets call him Jan of Sweden..
Jan is living permanently in his motorhome and has been travelling now around some years and he spent more than a year in Turkey with his camper and im sure he got across many interesting stories but this is one of his stories...

24 October 2013

The Great Meteora monasteries

Meteora monasteries are literally monasteries "suspended in the air" and they are protected by UNESCO. These six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars and indeed this place is impressive to see.

23 October 2013

On the road 2013

Winter 2013 I spent in Portugal mainly and in summer I went to Finland too see family and friends and of course represent the new doggy. We had good time there but like always, the road was calling me again. Where to go again? Well, Greece was too tempting too pass, so currently I am in Crete! I made a long road with doggy to come and leave again from Finland - ferry takes always almost 30 hours and travelling with dog gives its own challenge in a ferry..How to teach to pee in a box and walking in a slippery deck..But we managed well ;).

 To get her in this box, required that I step in first and "show model", after this she was accepting to do her duties
Steeling my bed in the cabin!!

18 October 2013

Previosly happened 3

The hospitality in Morocco is something you dont come accross in many European countries, they have warm heart and an easy laughter. So many times I had long discutions with the local people and got invitation to eat with them. People who have nothing were willing to share the little they could give for you. This family was living in a cave and was a good reminder for me how much easier the life is in the western countries. Its different when you see it yourself than you just read about it from the newspapers..

17 October 2013

Previosly happened 2

Greek Funeral / Kreikkalaiset (erilaiset) hautajaiset

Bone House

Ystäväni joutui matkallamme Kreikassa erikoiseen tilanteeseen, nimittäin arkunkantajaksi hautajaisiin. Ei sinänsä ole ihmeellistä olla arkunkantaja, mutta näissä olosuhteissa tilanne oli vähintäänkin koominen. Olet lomalla, tapaat ihmisen seurueessa, vaihdatte muutaman sanan ja muutaman päivän kuluttua kannatkin sitten hänen arkkua...

16 October 2013

Previosly happened

I must tell you as a start that I do feel very lucky and privileged to have this way of living and it gives me the great chance to see, learn, feel and meet beautiful places and unbelieveble people. If I could write all what I have experienced or share the stories Ive heard, Im sure there could be a book written about it, or even better, a series of books.

Until October 2013 I have traversed with camper (many of these countries several times): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands. By plane I have been few times in US (east and west), Mexico, Thailand and some other European countries not listed above. Travelling is my passion :)

I can not tell which country has been the nicest or prettiest, I could only tell from many beautiful places, people and feelings. For sure the most exotic place so far has been Morocco. Three months and 6000 kilometers in this country was an experience indeed and I wish to return there too one day (Insallah ;) ! )

To give the feeling from the past years in the camper I want to share some random photos until I willl get to the day where I am now.

Artic Circle