28 March 2014

Herbalist, spirit of nature

Giannis, the herbalist of Kouses is having his little shop in Kouses, not far from Mires (Moires) and I was many times planning to give a stop there and this time I thought, now I will not miss it! Giannis has a nice shop "full of things" and huge knowledge about the herbs with years of experience. He is supplying teas, spices, organic cosmetics, drops etc. You can stop there for a tea and wonder around all his pots. His shop has a nice spirit! You can visit his website from HERE ...

20 March 2014

Hiking in gorgeous Preveli gorge

Once getting in the end of the Preveli gorge, this paradise lagoon is waiting for you <3

I was hiking the Preveli gorge with my Austrian friends from camping Koutsounari, they talked already earlier to go to do this walk and once they were there nearby, I got a sms If I would like to come with them and of course I said a BIG YES! We spent few days parked next to the venecian bridge of Preveli which was built by the monks of Preveli. Harald has a good GPS map for walking so we were ready to go around the gorge. We had plenty of sun, but the day was VERY windy, but it didnt stop our happy hiking team. Thank you Renate and Harald to asking me with you, was wonderful walk and delicious vegetarian lasagne, not forgetting the "tiger-cake"!  Renate you are amazing magic woman! So here I have put many many photos and since I normally walk alone now there are also pictures from myself since Renate and Harald took many photos too...

14 March 2014

Stormy day in Ierapetra

I wanted to see the Carneval of Ierapetra in March, but unfortunaly the parking turned out to be a little sea, so road needed to go on! When I arrived to the parking, I could see that sea is showing his little wilder side, but was still okay. So having a beer in the bar, coming later back to the car and it was clear that the water has raised more! Well, one night in the parking and the next day car was totally in seasalt - needed to find a place to wash the biggest salt away! But my car sure didnt get that much hits as the car below (normally when visiting Ierapetra, I would park where this car was...). So watch out where you park, it can turned a suprise!

view from my car, yes it is a parking, not a lake.

11 March 2014

Random Crete

We have turned already at the good side of March and as we got some heavy rains, nature is loving it! Many flowers coming up and the island is turning more green, like this it would not be seen in summer. Last days been little here and there, so I just publish now some random photos that I could not make them just in one section. Now doing hiking with the doggy and observing the nature, not getting bored of this island, how could you!

Island opposite of Elouda, nice walks!

8 March 2014

Happy Women´s Day!

Happy women´s day you all beautiful ladies, hyvää naistenpäivää teille kaikille kaunokaisille ;)

This photo is taken two years ago when I was in a campsite in Portugal. There was this amazing German lady who has bought a big bunch of red roses and bringing one rose to each woman who was there at the campsite! She knocked at my door and started to sing a German song (no idea what!) and when she was finished with the song she gave me a rose, she made my day! Notice: I do not have vases in my van, so I needed to make one out of a bottle, not so beautiful but it was doing the duty and the rose could continue it´s blossom ;)

2 March 2014

Little Carneval in Elounda

In a beautiful sunny day in February 23th I was enjoying the little children´s carneval in Elounda. There were so many princesses and cowboys, I had a good laugh when watching these little kids singing and dancing in latin rythmn. Each kid could also sing on their turn to the microphone, was good entertain! See the colors of these little kings and queens ;)