14 March 2014

Stormy day in Ierapetra

I wanted to see the Carneval of Ierapetra in March, but unfortunaly the parking turned out to be a little sea, so road needed to go on! When I arrived to the parking, I could see that sea is showing his little wilder side, but was still okay. So having a beer in the bar, coming later back to the car and it was clear that the water has raised more! Well, one night in the parking and the next day car was totally in seasalt - needed to find a place to wash the biggest salt away! But my car sure didnt get that much hits as the car below (normally when visiting Ierapetra, I would park where this car was...). So watch out where you park, it can turned a suprise!

view from my car, yes it is a parking, not a lake.

this car got hits!

See the wave coming from the right  (!)

...Next morning the car was still there having his share

water coming up to the parking

waves hitting the seaside walking road front of the restaurants

front of my van plenty of seaplants!

Doggy didn´t mind, yeah, running!!!


  1. Olipa aallot,hyvin kuvattu! Reiska taisi nauttia?

  2. Livenä nuo aallot olivat kyllä kovinkin vaikuttavat meren ääninen, oli vaikea vangita näitä kuviksi. Reiskaa ei tuo merivesi parkkipaikalla haitannut, päinvastoin ;)


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