30 June 2014

Up to north Italy-Austria-Germany-Finland

highway in Italy

The heat in Italy was unbearable, four days on the row +37, no wind, so I was happy to start driving more north and getting to Austria where I met the fresh air again, even snow!

28 June 2014

Goodbye Greece - Ciao Italy, Patras - Ancona

Ferry which brought us to Italy. It was Superfast XI but I bought the tickets via Anek Lines, who is also operating their tickets. Very handy thing that you can do "camping on board", so dont need a cabine, you can stay comfortably in your camper. Much nicer for me and MUCH nicer when you travel with a pet! Tickets costed about 270 euro - one way, including camper and one person...

25 June 2014

The impressive Corinth Canal

I was camping several days beside the Corinth canal and enjoying looking ships passing by. The canal was built between 1881-1893, but nowdays it is too narrow for the modern ships, since its only 21.4 meters wide! The lenght is impressive 6.4 km and it was fascinating to look bridges getting up and down by looking the next beauty or the best getting in to the canal.

22 June 2014

Paralia Astros and last beach stop

Paralia Astros was the last beach stop before driving to Corinth, so doggy´s and my last swim was here! Very quiet beach and also the village was oddly calm. So many cozy bars with nice looking terraces, but basicly nobody to see around (???). On the top of the village is an old castle, nobody around there either...

16 June 2014

Ariana Beach and picturesque Gerakas

Few days camping on this tiny Ariana beach wich is located 6 km from the picturesque village of Gerakas. Gerakas is like in a little "fjord" and yachts like to make there also their overnight stayes. No wonder!

Ariana Beach

11 June 2014

Back to Monemvasia

I was in Monemvasia already earlier in September 2013 and it was a nice place to come back. Still I made so many photos in here, this "rock of Gibraltar" is showing every time its beautiful sides!

5 June 2014

Ferry from Kissamos to Gytheion

Anchor is pulled up and ferry ready to go! See you again Crete!
Was a sad feeling to leave from Crete, such a nice island it is, but I can always get myself back there!

The ferry leaves from Kissamos Crete every wednesday 7:30 am and had two stops (Kissamos-Antikythira-Kythira-Gytheion) before arriving to Gytheion Peloponnes at 15:30. Price for my van was 138 e + 23 e a person, so total costs 161 e one way. Earlier on the phone they told me that it would costs 21 e a meter and 33 e per person, so it was not totally correct information. In the ferry there was plenty of place in half May, so no need to book tickets in advance. You can buy the tickets one hour before the ferry leaves from the harbour or you can but them in Kissamos in two offices who sells ferry trips. More information you can ask in Lane Sea Lines office Kissamos tel 2822 02350. Pets are not allowed to take inside the ferry, so we stayed all 8 hours on the deck. Lucky there was no rain, but in the end I was really ready to leave the ferry behind!!!