3 August 2014

Nuutajärvi - Hulluus ja hurmio

 I went still back to Nuutajärvi with my friend and enjoyed some days more in there. Got a good guided tour in the Glass expo - Hulluus ja hurmio (Madness and ecstasy) by a girl called Jasmi, thank you for this tour Jasmi! Each artist made a co-operation work with a writer, poet or with a musician, either that the text has inspired the artist´s work or the text was chosen after to fit with the art work. I liked the presentation and the feeling of this expo, especially when there were all these stories behind of each work present. Im not sharing all these stories, please go and have a look and hear the stories yourself :)

Lea Swantz & Kirsi Kunnas

 Heikki Viinikainen & Jaakko Martikainen

Antti Kuikka & Jouni Hynynen

Tero Silver & J.K. Ihalainen

Johannes Rantasalo & Jouko Turkka

Laura Haavikko & Päivi Lehtonen

Anna-Kaisa Aalto & Sirpa Kähkönen

Kerttu Nurminen & Tommi Kinnunen

Gina Salaris & Venla Hiidensalo

Alma Jantunen & Katariina Vuorinen

Jenni Sorsa & Sarianna Vaara

Anu Penttinen & Pirkko Saisio

Markku Salo & Malin Kivelä

Matti Vilppula & Mariska

Marika Kinnunen & Aulikki Oksanen

Like I told on my previous update about the Glass Art day for children, 
this time they have just had a not so serious competion called "Totem Sculpt". 
You can see some funny works  out there in the village :)

..and as last time, we had some nice evenings, this time Tarot reading, oh my :)!

...And so so so much laughing!!!


  1. Todella upeita töitä.Hauska nimi näyttelylle Hulluus ja Hurmio.Taisi olla opettavainen reissu.Hyviä kuvia olet taltioinut.


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