31 October 2014

Eat, Pray and Love in Athens

Eat, Pray and Love - well this was just a name of a dish in a vegetarian restaurant where I had an excellent dinner :).

Was time to celebrate one more year- party and I can recommend this restaurant who seeks a vegetarian restaurant in Athens. Restaurant Avocado at Plaka, you can visit their website at .The owner is an Iranian man, very friendly and smiley person who was approaching clients and asking if everything was good and doing some talking. Avocado exists three years now and I guess it has found its place in Athens. It was quite busy in there, international and local clients, I thought I even heard a couple some tables away talking Finnish!

29 October 2014

Days in Athens

My visit in Athens is not seeing the end yet, so I´ve been going the less rainy days in the city and more rainy days I´ve stayed at the campsite.

All taxis are yellow and wow I cant believe that I had a moment a blue sky!!

28 October 2014

Visiting Acropolis

Yes, finally I managed to visit this ancient place, better late than ever! Well since I am still waiting to get my new window I have time to explore little this city. Weather has been pretty much grey, cool and one day we had huge rain with hails and I was told that such a rain hasn´t been falling in more than 20 years..
rain, rain, rain with hails! Photo from my roof window.

21 October 2014

All good things come to an end...

...Sunday morning was getting windy and I was outside of my camper and didn´t manage to react when this one blow literally blew off one of my side window to the rocks...


From Athens to Monemvasia

Greece <3

After arriving to Greece I was hurry to get to Athens since my fridge didnt function anymore, but before I had one night stop at the Corinth Canal, I liked the spot I found last June and returned to the same place (earlier post is HERE ).

So I do not have any wonderful photos from Akropolis or Athens by night (at least not this time)...

8 October 2014

France - Italy - Greece

We have arrived in beloved Greece <3! So we left France and Italy behind and took the ferry to Greece and I am happy to get back in this country :).

But before getting here I still spent few days In Briancon France, which is the highest city in European Union at an altitude of 1326 meters. I didnt have time to look too much around, which is a shame since this city definetely would deserve a closer look. Briancon is also a ski-resort, and its known of having 300 days sun on the year!

Briancon, the highest city in the European Union

3 October 2014

Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, on the pilgrim route

Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is a medieval village in South of France and its on the Chemin de St Jacques pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. Very picturesque village with around 300 habitants, but it is really living from the tourism which you can find plenty, certainly during the summer. It is also chosen to be one of the most beautiful village in France.

I was there already in the morning and all the alleys were basicly empty, but in the afternoon the terraces of the restaurants were getting more full when people were getting out to eat.

Few kilometers before the village you will see this beautiful bridges, one of them called The Devil´s Bridge, protected by Unesco and it is also in the route of the Santiago de Compostela.

2 October 2014

Wine grapes, family and village life

When I was getting to South of France, I could see that the collecting of wine grapes has started. I was walking one day at the wine fields with doggy to see little closer their work and also to see matured grapes of the village Saint George D´Orques. I also had family to visit me, my brother came over with his girlfriend and we spent some nice moments together with playing and singing.

wine fields at Saint George D´Orques