30 January 2015

How is Finland and what are the Finns like?

As being a Finn I consider to know the subject more or less and as being much away from Finland, I can also have a distant look to my country, Finland. I will write about some facts, about Finns, about things that can give you a hint how Finland and Finns are. As I know quite well many nations, you can find of course generalized things about each nations with its serious and humorous sides.

I do meet a lot of people who are interested to go one day with their camper to North and they ask me many questions about Finland. How is the weather? Is it expensive? Can you do wild camping? Is it safe? What is the best way to drive there? Do we speak English (Obviously French people would ask if we speak French)? Are there many mosquitos? And many more questions…

28 January 2015

Palms and a monastery

North East of Crete is quiet area and this time I had a look also in a monastery, not just parking under the palms at Vai beach. One perfect beach for the doggy to run around and play in the water, her favorite daily thing!

27 January 2015

Our doggy friend

I came extremely happy when I met today this boy I met already last year here in Ierapetra. Last year he was a skinny boy without a collar and had still his balls. Now he looks good and obviously not having just a street life! He had already this damage in his face before, but now he was happily running around the beach, wagging his tail and loving petting <3.

25 January 2015

My Blue Greece

Some of my Blue Greece photos <3

As today they have election in Greece I wanted to publish some of my Blue Greece photos - totally not political, just this is how I see the blue in here...

As all of you who have visited Greece, I am sure you have noticed the  "Greek" blue color, repeating every where, from houses to boats, flower pots,  furnitures etc.  I just love this color that reflects also in the sea! It just is soooo Greek :)

23 January 2015

Cats and ducks and walking in Kato Zakros

Spent many nice sunny days in peaceful Kato Zakros, visiting of course Glaros again, the taverna from Christina and Jorgos. During the winter there are only ten people living so you can just imagine how peaceful it is! But still there are things to do and visit such as Dead´s Gorge , the Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros and Pelekita Cave.

21 January 2015

Cold days are behind us!

Cold days should be now behind and I must say that I am totally happy with it, grrrr! Managed to do the laundry again ( I attempt to collect always big layndry bags, im not one of those organized people who would wash the laundry little by little at the time). So we spent the cold and washing days in Agios Nikolaos and Elounda.

I met two different French families in there with campers and I am so amazed for their courage to leave for a longer trip with children. Both families are doing the school for the kids daily so when they get back to France kids can go back to their old classes. Is this just a French thing? Ive never met families from other countries to do it...Maybe other countries school system is not allowing it? Anyway I think it is great and must be a wonderful experience for the whole family!

11 January 2015

Kuksa - from North Cape to Sahara and more

Article number 100, good time to think about the past and since new year has started once again, I was looking back where my dear mug, Kuksa has been since 2009. Loads of good memories, wonderful places and people. For me it is like a personal little diary with memories. Photos from places, moments, meetings with animals.

Sometimes I stop and wonder what the hell im doing, shouldn´t I be a grown-up girl, having a job from 9 to 5 and live more regular life, sure it is not always full of glamour (it is called life, where ever you are and what ever you do, I suppose it would be the same). But this has now become my way of living and I will continue this until I know where to settle down and figure out the job I may do one day. I believe all comes in the right moment, this I have learned during the past years.

This way of living was not the easy choice for me or the people I care/who cares for me back home, obviesly they see me seldom. I wonder people who did the same let´s say 20 years ago when there was no internet connection which is allowing now people like me keeping the contact way better than before with the loved ones!

But then again, maybe we live just once...., depending on what you believe :)

Anyway, here is a collection of photos where Kuksa has been, obviesly I am not more far than few meters from the Kuksa :P.

9 January 2015

Snow in Crete

This is not an usual thing in Crete, snow came slightly even on the sea level and mountains are covered by snow now. Last year I could see snow only in the top of the mountains, but this year is slightly different, feeling like back home :). Welcome to ski in Crete!

7 January 2015

New Years party at Zorbas Island, Xronia Polla!

Welcome Year 2015!

We had wonderful time at Zorbas Island and we were ready to get to the year 2015! Loads of laughing, loads of food and dancing and plenty of more drinking!

Many countries were present as always in Zorbas, this time Holland, Austria, Germany, France, England, Greece, Belgium and Finland. Thank you Zorbas for the excellent party time!

1 January 2015

Christmas walk in Aradena Gorge

Aradena is one of the last villages where you have access by car up from Chora Sfakion, before hitting the Lefka Ori mountains. This was my second visit in Aradena and I wanted to return there, since last time I didn´t walk until to the Libyan sea at Marmara Beach where the gorge is ending. GPS coordinates to the bridge are N 35°13'22" E 24°03'42" .

 "Aradena (Aradaina)  got abandoned due the vendetta in the 40s. The two large families who lived there, exterminated eachother member by member, until it got a village with destroyed ruins......"  Read the whole interesting story from my last update in Amazing Aradena .

This time I was again lucky with the weather when I camped up in Aradena, since it is located in altitude of 600 meters it would be fresh during the day times without a sun. 8 am I had only 7 celcius in my camper, but directly when the sun shows itself the temperature gets pleasant and it is enough to wear just a t-shirt.