25 January 2015

My Blue Greece

Some of my Blue Greece photos <3

As today they have election in Greece I wanted to publish some of my Blue Greece photos - totally not political, just this is how I see the blue in here...

As all of you who have visited Greece, I am sure you have noticed the  "Greek" blue color, repeating every where, from houses to boats, flower pots,  furnitures etc.  I just love this color that reflects also in the sea! It just is soooo Greek :)

Chairs you see in most tavernas, gosh they can be so uncomfortable if you need
to sit longer time, but my butt is used to them by now :)

Greeks  just love to shoot bullets



Greek beer


  1. Ihania kuvia,voi että! Mäkin rakastan kreikkalaisten käyttämiä värejä.

    1. Sanopa muuta, tuohon sinisen eri sävyihin ei taida väsyä koskaan!


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