7 July 2015

Looks like an ordinary day

Yes, I am still in Greece and hoping that the situation here will not grow that bad, that I would be "forced" to leave this beautiful island. I am now in a peaceful village in Southern Crete, nothing much happens anyway in here. When you look at the beach, it looks as an ordinary summer day, though with less people..

Media is writing so much about the situation now and for me it seems partly far. The local taverna is telling me the news and I follow some in other medias. Never I have believed 100% what the media writes, you need to filter some of the information and of course scandals sells more than any good news. Things are not always that black and white.

I do believe that there are plenty of things which needs to be changed in Greece, but in what costs is a different thing. Really, I know pretty well many European countries and their people, but there is no other country I know with such a hospitality as Greece. And this hospitality is given by ordinary Greek people, even today when times are hard. I totally sympathize Greeks.

It is no point to name that all Greeks are thieves, that they do not pay their taxes etc, that they deserve to get out of Euro and leave them without any help. It is easy for people in other countries shout after the Greeks, but it is different when you actually live between them, I am sure you would be shouting less.

Now media can shout after the Greeks instead after the Muslims.

I will continue to buy my feta to make Greek salad and I will continue to eat Greek yogort with local honey and all the fruits and other goodies that Greek people are giving to me, just out of their good heart.

I do not mix politics (good or bad), religion and people, I am here because the country is beautiful and the people are friendly with a kind heart, life is simple and laugh is easy.

Wishing better times for Greeks.

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  1. Last week one of my customer asked if I regard immigrants.

    I answered that I regard humans. I am on human`s side - in other words.

    In my world there are no black, white or yellow people - there are just people.

    And all are humans.

    Wishing better times for Greeks too.


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