15 October 2015

On the way to Akrotiri Lighthouse

Santorini Part 4/8, Akrotiri Lighthouse

The Faros (lighthouse in Greek) was manufactured in 1892 from the French company of Lighthouses. The square tower stands 10m high above the lighthouse keepers house. It first worked, on 1892 with petroleum and its luminosity was 23 n.m. During the 2nd World War, the light stayed dead, until 1945 when Hellinic Navy decided to reconstruct the lighthouse network. On 1983 the Light supplied with electric power and operated as warded until 1988 when it completely automated. It is now flashing a white light every 10 seconds and luminosity 24 n.m. The junction just before Akrotiri leads to where Faros is. The sunset viewed from the stone wall around its countryard is one of the most beautiful on the island. We did not see the sunset over there, but can just imagine it!

I can´t stop thinking that the white houses on the top looks like snow!

Playtime :)

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  1. Ihana Majakka.Totta noi vuorella olevat talot näyttää siltä,kun siellä olisi lunta.Upeat maisemat.


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