30 November 2016

Finland, summer part 5, Turku

Also to visit Turku from Nuutajärvi, was close, maybe 80 km or so. Turku is the oldest city from Finland and was also our first capital city before Helsinki became a capital in 1812. The governement stayed still in Turku until 1827 when there was a big fire and the city destroyed almost completely and after they also took a place in Helsinki. Unfortunaly for some reason (?) I was not taking many pictures from Turku, but believe me, its worthwhile to visit if you happen to pass by. You can stay with your camper overnight N 60°27'05" E 22°16'39" in here, directly in the center, parking near the cathedral. You have to pay for the parking between 9-18, 0.60 e per hour so 5.60 e a day. From this spot you will have everything nearby!

29 November 2016

Finland, summer part 4, Ron Mueck

Mask II, believed to be a self-portrait

Nuutajärvi is not that far from Tampere so was good to go to visit Ron Mueck exhibition in Sara Hildén´s Art Museum. Really stunning work! Ron Mueck is an Australian sculptor, born in 1958 in a German family. This was first time his works were presented in Nordic countries and there was 10 of his works presented. His work is hyper-realistic, like-life figures, but never in an actual size. They are either massive size or much smaller, like miniatures. 

28 November 2016

Finland summer 3, Nuutajärvi

For me there is NO SUMMER without Nuutajärvi! I really like this little glass village with a long history. Nice friendly people and you can easily meet the artists themselves in here. You are also most welcome to park for overnight stayes with your camper. Parking is calm and straight in the village N 61°02'33" E 23°26'12".

27 November 2016

Finland summer 2, Fiskars

Always nice to spend a day in Fiskars! Lovely little craft village and you can stay over night at the parking N 60°07'53" E 23°32'44".

26 November 2016

Finland, summer part 1, vroooooom!

Summer 2016, finally time to do some articles (means its raining out here)! I was thinking to do one mixed article, but found it impossible to choose just some photos, so next days I will share some highlights in our Finnish summer until we get again really up to date! Okay, to the point. Jarno Saarinen Memory GP was held in Ahvenisto and I was happy to be there too!