11 December 2016

Picos de Europa, Spain

This is a change, instead of having sand between my toes I had snow and yes this is in Spain! I did a tour around Picos de Europa National Park in Northern Spain. Picos de Europa means literally the "Peaks of Europe" and the name comes that these peaks where the first sight of Europe for ships who arrived to Europe from America.

10 December 2016

9 December 2016

Noble Val, picturesque mediaeval village

Saint Antonin Noble Val, I love this place!!! Lively mediaeval town in summer, beautiful tiny alleys, craft shops, cafes and restaurants! Long history and many listed mediaeval buildings (like oldest town hall in France) and is today a major tourist attraction. Its sunday markets is something you should not miss! Streets and alleys full of market sellers with fruits, vegetables, art, woodwork, clothes, spices, herbs, name it! I spend many days here, enjoying the atmosphere and spending good time with my old Dutch friends, thank you for inviting me,  Hopen om dit opnieuw met jullie, gezellig!

8 December 2016

Message on the dog..not in the bottle

This chap gave several times a visit and stayed always couple of hours around. Always alone without his boss. Who is he?

7 December 2016

Meymac, Lake Sechemailles

View from my camper

Once again a beautiful camper spot! I have to say that France is clearly the best country in Europe with organized camper stops "Aires". There is ABSOLUTELY NO point to go in a campsite, unless you need some laundry to be done. Germany is also well organized, but their "Stellplatz" I find often too expensive for what they actually can offer or I have come across just wrong places. I wouldn´t mind to pay some euros a day + water, but ten euro is a bit too much. Of course you find also free nice spots there!

6 December 2016

Oradour-sur-Glane massacre in 1944

As I am interested from the World War II, my goal was this summer to visit Oradour-sur-Glane where the German Nazis destroyed the whole village and the village was never rebuilt, they built new village next to it instead. Today this place is a memorial Martyr Town.

5 December 2016

Warm days in Sancoins

Found again a lovely camper stop next to water in Sancoins. Free stop and campers were parked both side of the Canal de Berry. Met nice people and spend some days in here N 46°49'58" E 02°54'47" .
This Aire was free, water 2 e per 100 liters.

4 December 2016

Leaving Finland, arriving in France

Leaving Finland behind and heading to Germany, Travemunde! Last time I drew trough Sweden and Denmark, but this time took a direct ferry to Germany, less driving and having good time in the ferry.

3 December 2016

Finland, Summer part 7, friends and parties

My baby Nero  <3! Some of you have been following Nero´s story in Crete and how she got a home in Finland, was time to meet my baby again! She is having such a beautiful life now in Finland with her Spanish brother. It is soooo nice that Nero´s family is giving me always news and sending photos from her life. I should one time make an update just from Nero and tell her news :)

2 December 2016

Finland, summer part 6, My dinner in the sky!

My beloved Helsinki, having a Dinner in the Sky! Stunning view to Helsinki from 55 meters high! It was quite an exciting experience and good way to end my holiday in Finland :). Big laugh when I just looked the official site of the dinner in the sky, I found myself in it :P