3 December 2016

Finland, Summer part 7, friends and parties

My baby Nero  <3! Some of you have been following Nero´s story in Crete and how she got a home in Finland, was time to meet my baby again! She is having such a beautiful life now in Finland with her Spanish brother. It is soooo nice that Nero´s family is giving me always news and sending photos from her life. I should one time make an update just from Nero and tell her news :)


Two Greeks in bed

Three Greeks

Greek, Spanish and my French one :)

Confirmation in church

Priests, notice in Finland woman can be also a priest!

Coffee after the church with delicious cake

Of course since I make jewerlies, not giving only an envelope for my godchild.

Birthday party

Coffee moment with my cousin in my van with Carelian pies!

Of course some days in peace in nature!

Shopping Finnish things

We also took a train, not always with camper

My fridge with Nomad beers, what more you can ask? Lovely beers from Flying Dutchman Nomad Brewing, thanks Ronald :)! Next update hitting the road again!

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