13 January 2014

Christmas and New Year in Crete, Matala

New Year at Matala Beach

Christmas we were having such a great time at the restaurant Petra & Votsalo, Matala. Eating, drinking and dancing, music was though played so loud that you could not have conversations, so you needed just to dance instead talking ;). Earlier at the day while I was speaking with my friend on the phone, I suddenly heard someone saying merry xmas in Finnish for me next to my van, I stopped my call and was running after this couple, I got to see this miracle, other FINNS were in Matala too! Kaarina and Pekka left three weeks earlier from Finland and they were travelling around with their car and had rented an appartment from Matala for few days. I told them that there was a party 24.12 at Petra and Votsalo restaurant and they came along too to spent xmas, was nice!

Kaarina and Pekka
Gus and Helen

Helen with her dancer

I got my share of the dance too!

easier with bear foot

Ended up on the table!!!

Kaarina swinging with Gus

He knows how to dance this boy ;)

What a happy evening!

This beautiful French-Greek couple was bring a huge bag full of oranges, lemons, grapes, merci! Strait fresh from their garden, so what can better than let the happy fresh orange juice factory get started!

always curious cats around

Sergio with doggy ;)

Sergio had his birthday in Matala and we spent a nice afternoon in the sun, doggy parked beside the birthday hero, she got her share too from the goodies we were eating!

Linda showing me how to knit...

..And me teaching Linda how to do stone setting in silver. She had started this piece of work already back in Spain but didnt have the right tools to finished until now, so Sergio got his beautiful present for his birthday, Bravo Linda, good work ;)

Sergio with Linda´s piece of art !

New Year we spent in the beach, with around 20 people, campfire, guitar, singing, drumming!

Happy New Year 2014 doggyyyyyyy!!

Eleni´s turn to do drumming

Champagne is open, CHEERS, JAMAS!

We are ready for the year 2014 !

One of the beautiful sides of rain, allows you to see sometimes rainbows, love it!
Sophie playing, Emilie singing with her lovely voice!

I founded so funny when I saw the package of the barbecue charcoal, it was in Finnish! The French family bought the bag on their scandinavian tour in summer

Its not always party time at Matala for everyone, The French family who took a year off with three children, the kids must do school in their camper every day. I find this so great that they dared to leave their normal life and have this experience as a family. Kids they study seven days a week and monthly they send their exams to France by post and they manage to catch the same classes back in France once they return back to home.

Edgar with his studies and Gydyl the doggie

Emilie doing her school day too


  1. Whau miten mahtavia kuvia taas! Kyllä olisi mukavaa olla siellä teidän kanssa.Varsinkin rannalla iltamyöhällä kuunnella musiikkia ja ottaa drinksuja.Saisi pukeutua,kun hipit.Kyllä niitten ranskalaisten lasten kelpaa.Sait sit tanssia pöydälläkin.Oli varmaan mukavaa viettää siellä joulu ja uusi vuosi.Vähän erilaisempaa,kun täällä.

  2. Leiritulet rannalla olivat kyllä ikimuistoisia, kivalla porukalla ja musiikkia riitti! Näin talvisaikaan kylän porukan oppii tuntemaan lyhyessä ajassa, kesällä se olisikin sitten jo toinen juttu. Eiköhän vielä Matalaan suunnata kolmannenkin kerran tällä Kreetan kierroksella, koirakin saa olla vapaana lähes koko ajan, on kuin paikalliset kyläkoirat!

  3. Vauvau, kunnon hippimeininkiä! Vanhan 60-lukulaisenkin tekis mieli liittyä mukaan nuotiolle ja ehkä tanssijalkakin vielä notkistuisi :-)!
    Auvoisaa alkanutta vuotta!

    1. Ihanaa alkanutta vuotta sinullekin Eija ja nuotioon mahtuu aina, tervetuloa ;)

  4. bonne année .Des photos montres le dessous de l'ecosse attention GAG

    1. Bonne année pour toi aussi, pas de vue le dessous ;)


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