2 January 2014

Peace & Love 2 Matala - hippies who came in Matala instead of Goa

I did write already earlier about Matala after the first visit and now im having some more pictures and stories to share since I was getting back in Matala...

 Originally the caves were used as tombs in the 1st and 2nd centuries, but in the 60s the caves were occupied by the hippies. Today these caves are only for visitors, open daily from 9 am until 15, even in winter! But.....there are definetely still hippies in Matala, living in other caves and during the winter period they are about ten to live here. One of the oldest hippies was first time in Matala 35 years ago and been coming back since then. Now he has been living three last years in oneof the caves. Spending the xmas and new year in Matala, was allowing us to know many people and having memoriable moments with campfires on the beach, music, guitar, drumming..

And speaking about music, Canadian singer Joni Mitchell wrote a song about Matala, was inspired by her time with a cave-dwelling hippie community in the village. Here is a link for one version of her song Carey and one other link from video made in Matala in the hippitimes

Matala caves

Roman cemetary - later caves of hippies

one of the caves inside

See the little detail, Jing & Jang carved in the wall

"Jing & Jang cave"

the bed

Linda (D), Gus (SCO), Sergio (E), Patrick (F) and Richard (CZ)

Linda, Gus and Sergio

Happy parking ticket building (out of use in winter)

Free camping in Matala beach

Street art Matala, Dance or Die

Most tavernas were closed

“love the life you live.
live the life you love.” - Bob Marley

Spirit of Matala 2013

Funny bar

looking street arts

There is always hope!

alley to the beach bars

bar deco

<3 !
One of the campfire evenings!

Emilie, Leon, Edgar, Sophie and I
 French family who took one year off and left with their camper on Tour the Europe. The kids have each day school in the car and every month they post their examinations back to their school in France which permits the kids return back to their old classes, excellent! I am sure that having this year, the kids as well the parents (not forgetting their dog :P) will learn a lot about the"life school". Brave family, I wish there would be more families taking this same chance on their lives <3!

Patrick, Sergio, Linda and Antoine

Sophie, Helen and I
 Helen with her husband Gus from Scotland have been travelling with their Land Rover camper around for five years, a wonderful couple with 2 big hearts, thank you for wonderful moments, there should be more people with big hearts like you in the world!

Gus, Rainey ;), Sergio and Antoine

Campfire, behind the caves of Matala at Night!



  1. Mä ymmärrän täysin sua miksi sä viihdyt siellä hippikylässä.Se kylä on niin sua itsees.Todella värikäs paikka ja olet ottanut hyviä kuvia.En silti itse voisi asua missään luolassa.Kukaan toinen ei varmaan tunne niin paljon ihmisiä maailmalla,kun sinä.

  2. Matalassa on kieltämättä vietetty ikimuistoisia hetkiä ;), veikkaan että tänne palataan vielä kolmannenkin kerran tällä Kreetan reissulla!


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