17 May 2014

BabaYaga - animal friendly rock bar

View to the beach from BabaYaga, on the left the famous Matala rocks

As I have written about Matala already few times before, I never mentioned this nice bar, where I have spent good moments - Babayaga rockstation bar in Matala beach. It´s runned by an Italian chap, Roberto and his Greek girlfriend Sophia is his second hand in there. BabaYaga is truly an animal friendly bar, one time I was counting that there were more dogs than people - well, one reason for this was that they did BBQ and loads of bones left for all doggies.As it´s name tells, it is a rock bar, good music and also live music time to time, since Roberto himself playes guitar too. The bar is open all year around, in winter every thursday-sunday. Rock on!

Another story was when I was once there in the evening and also Maxim-doggy (see the photo below) was there (without his chef) too. My dog was happy to see Maxim and they were laying cool on the floor, not disturbing other clients. When I left to get back to the camper, Maxim walked with us and I noticed that next to my camper they disappeared both to the beach. I thought they just wonder around a while....I started to call my dog - nothing. Usually she never goes far. I looked for her around and decided to walk back to BabaYaga. Already when I saw inside to the bar from their window, directly I saw that those two has gone back there, like Maxim would have said something like - "Dear, what would you say,  let´s still have another drink at BabaYaga and have some more fun"..So they had their bar date without their chefs!
My doggy with her friend Maxim

Funny wall deco

Ringo at BabaYaga

One of our evenings at BabaYaga

Reasonable prices and the burp is free :)


  1. Anonymous18 May, 2014

    Mahtava mesta.Sain kirjoittaa nimeni baaritiskille.Paljon nimiä eri maista.On se vaan kumma,että Suomessa ei saa ottaa koiria mukaan pubeihin.Greetalla ei kukaan häätänyt pois vaan päinvastoin huomioivat koiratkin.Matala Rock:kaa.Suosittelen käymään siellä.Olet ottanut hyviä kuvia.Jäi hyviä muistoja Matalasta.

  2. Suomessa lainsäädänto on sellainen, valitettavasti, mutta toki ymmärrän että pitää ottaa allergikot huomioon (itse entinen sellainen ennen siedätyshoitoja), mutta välillä mennään liiallisuuksiin hygieniassa. Matalassa koettiin monia hauskoja hetkiä!

  3. good rock bar and nice atmosphere

  4. Hi Olga,
    Surprisingly I found your blog by surging for „Baba Yaga“ at Google. Your photos are really breathtakingly!
    Today is my last day in Austria. Tomorrow I’m going to take the ferry to Crete and I hope I will see you at Baba Yaga during wintertime.
    Best regards and a nice trip, Joseph and my doggy Max

    1. Hello Joseph! What a nice suprise and funny you found my blog on this way :). We are taking the ferry 30.9 to Greece and will stay some time in Greece before catching the ferry to Crete, so surely we will meet up in BabaYaga at somepoint! Wishing you good journey and greetings from France, Me and doggy

  5. Great to hear that, really good news! That means we will have some beer together at this lovely spot in Matala. I wish you a perfect trip to Greece. Have a good time!
    See you, Joseph


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