28 May 2014

Last days in Crete

End side of Falasarna Beach
 As the days were ending in Crete we enjoyed still some beautiful days before leaving the island behind in Falasarna, west side of Crete. Big beach and very peaceful place. Good spot to stay if you take the ferry from Kissamos directly to Peloponnes (Gytheion). We did long walks with doggy and she had plenty of running on the beach...

We camped down of this beach, as you can see it is BIG!

sheep road!

hitting by the wave...

...the next wave she managed to escape :)


Ant land protected :)

Arrived in the port of Kissamos, evening before the ferry would leave since it was an early wake up. The ferry leaves 7.30 am every wednesday (in season).

Doggy got friends at the port

Was a beautiful full moon and calm sea

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  1. Anonymous31 May, 2014

    Whau mitä laivoja.Varsinkin tuo vanhan näköinen.Hui,riippuliitoa! En itse uskaltaisi.Vähänkö nauratti Reiskan juoksu aalloista pois.Näen silmissäni miten tuo höhlä koira otti sen aallon,hah hah.Voi miten kaunis on Kreikan meri turkoosia ja sinistä.Todella puhdasta.


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