23 May 2014

One night stop at Kalives

Kalives or Kalyves is a pretty seaside village 20 km east of Chania. Queit and good stop if you need to catch a ferry next day from Chania. I noticed that most tourists were from UK, but also heard some Scandinavian languages. I think its ideal village for those who seeks a peaceful holiday out of noise, there is beautiful beach and many tavernas to choose from. Hotels looked more fine than Im used to it with swimmingpools and well taken care gardens.

River passing in Kalives


I think this must be one of the smallest chapels that exists, just for one person at the time!

Kalives beach

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  1. Anonymous25 May, 2014

    Ihana paikka ja hyviä kuvia.Tuolla olisi pitänyt käydä.


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