11 June 2014

Back to Monemvasia

I was in Monemvasia already earlier in September 2013 and it was a nice place to come back. Still I made so many photos in here, this "rock of Gibraltar" is showing every time its beautiful sides!

The colors of the rock and water around it are changing so much during the day, depending of the time of the day, sun and clouds. Always when I lay my eyes on it, I just needed to take "one more shoot".

Good spot to stay

Port for the yachts

You can also walk the island around and take the back entrance to the old village. Total tour is about 3 km. I walked this several times around, never saw any other tourists walking there, they all come in from the main entrance. This walk was also nice for the dog, she could walk free, while I did flower spotting. In one week time I could find different kind of flowers, which were not yet in flowers at the day one. Nature is changing so fast! Only thing disturbing on this walk was the spider webs all over, got them many times around my face, grrrrrrr!  So dislike!

touring the island, behind new Monemvasia


little break

Church in the top of Monemvasia

in the end walking over the rocks

Turtle spotting !

Back side entrance

wall in the back side

Much cruise boats are visiting Monemvasia

fisherman on duty

Monemvasia from the side angle

so clear water

Monemvasia bridge by night

...And nice clear water for the dog to jump in :)

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  1. Anonymous14 June, 2014

    Upea paikka.Monemvasiaan seuraavalla reissulla ehkä.Erikoisia kasveja.Olet ottanut hienoja kuvia kirkoista ja maisemista.


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