28 June 2014

Goodbye Greece - Ciao Italy, Patras - Ancona

Ferry which brought us to Italy. It was Superfast XI but I bought the tickets via Anek Lines, who is also operating their tickets. Very handy thing that you can do "camping on board", so dont need a cabine, you can stay comfortably in your camper. Much nicer for me and MUCH nicer when you travel with a pet! Tickets costed about 270 euro - one way, including camper and one person...

You get connected to electricity your whole trip and I had this little electric cooking plate with me, since it is not allowed to use gas on ferries. Camping on board is available only in season which is 1.4 - 31.10. Only thing they could do better is to make a small "box" for the dogs (like in Finnlines Helsinki-Travemunde) that they could make their duties easier. Now it was little bit tricky to try to do it between other campers..

Ferry leaves every day at 17:30, has a stop in Igounimetsa at midnight where its charging more trucks and other vehicles in and arrives to Italy, Ancona at 18:00 next day. This time the ferry was little late and unloading the ferry took for ages. Atleast what I could see they catched atleast three refugees and this is a big problem for the ferry lines from Patras to Italy, since in Patras they try to get themselves to ferries and hoping to get a better life in Italy or other countries in Europe. Every camper were checked before getting to the port. Also I needed to step out of my camper and they looked inside..

Camping on board is nicely in a fresh sunny air. I took my chair even out and enjoyed it. 
My van is in the last row right.

Goodbye Greece!

Ciao Italy, arriving to Ancona.

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