25 June 2014

The impressive Corinth Canal

I was camping several days beside the Corinth canal and enjoying looking ships passing by. The canal was built between 1881-1893, but nowdays it is too narrow for the modern ships, since its only 21.4 meters wide! The lenght is impressive 6.4 km and it was fascinating to look bridges getting up and down by looking the next beauty or the best getting in to the canal.

One of the upper bridges was a good place for photo shooting, but the days were so hot, that I could not take it, so no big ships on my photos from the up which I find a shame..

The last bridge in the end of the canal

 Watchtower, yes I did spot Finnish flag too ;)

I combined three photos together, all bridges Ive seen in my life before would get up, but this one gets down! I found it fascinating!

...And the same bridge from the front getting up!

Because the bridge is getting up and down, there are also fishes, original way of fishing this man had, made me laugh :P

So we camped many days...

View from my bed, not bad I think!

And of course plenty of souvenir shops

Was nice to watch the BIG BOYS passing...

...and watching the SMALLER BOYS passing :)


Tourist sightseeing boat

uuuu, makes me think about Mel Gibson!


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2014

    Jännä toi silta juttu,että se laskee alaspäin,kun tulee laivoja.Ei paljon onkea tarvitse,kun vaan noukkii kalat sillalta sen noustessa ylös.Upeita kuvia olet ottanut todella erikoisesta kanaalista.

  2. Vaatii taitoa ohjata noinkin isoja laivoja ton kanaalin läpi.Hienosti olet kuvannut.


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