30 June 2014

Up to north Italy-Austria-Germany-Finland

highway in Italy

The heat in Italy was unbearable, four days on the row +37, no wind, so I was happy to start driving more north and getting to Austria where I met the fresh air again, even snow!

Heading to Timmelsjoch which is on the border of Italy and Austria, up in the mountains. This road is open only from June to October, loads of motorbikers enjoying the good curvy roads

The building on the left was in the side of Italy, old border control building

And I reached Timmelsjoch at the altitude of 2509 meters

coffee moment in Timmelsjoch

 Getting to Austria

Doggy met snow first time in her life!

One night camp ground in Austria

Arriving to Germany

I had with the doggy few countryside days in Germany. Nice walks over the fields.

This looked serious accident

Our roads were crossing with Harald and Renate in Germany, so we made a date near Kassel and they were welcoming me and the doggy so warmly! Renate had prepared even a dinner which was waiting me!

In Central Europe you find nice parking spots which are ment for campers, often free of charge. They have water and wastewater/chemical toilet places, so you can empty everything and take fresh water with you. Here in Hofgeismar (20 km north from Kassel) the price was 1 e for 100 l fresh water, very reasonable I would say!

Fresh water automat

The camper park of Hofgeismar has an excellent location, directly next to the old town. 

My doggy wanted to play with this one, no respond!

Of ourse when you are in Germany, you just have to have a good German wheat beer, sooooo good!

lunch with Renate and Harald

Greek memories, time for cafe frappe ;)

I love you!

Ladies at the bridge

After spending few days with Harald and Renate, I drew directly to Travemunde and catched the ferry to Helsinki by Finnlines. I have never paid so much for the ferry tickets with years of experience crossing the sea, next time I need to think to use other connection, unfortunaly since it is an easy way of crossing Baltic sea. Tickets costed for one way 813 e, including one person, dog, cabin and my van. Before you got 50% discount for the camper if you was a member of caravan club, now it was only 10%, so basicly useless. In july it gets even more expensive during the high season.

Finnlines ferries has good places for doggies that they can do there duties. 
Deck 7 is dedicated for dogs.

And finally arrived in Finland 20.6.2014, after more than 60 hours ferries
 (three different ones) and 2500 km driving from Crete. This road trip took 11 months since my last visit in Finland. Now I will be some weeks in Finland meeting friends and family, small touring and of course, living in my van, my home ;)

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