11 July 2014

Nuutajärvi - Glass Village

My friend is a glass designer and I had a chance to spend few nice sunny days in Nuutajärvi, where they glass-blow her work too. Was interesting to see glass-blowers working and also to have a look in the history of Nuutajärvi (Thank you Janne for the museum tour) and see exhibitions. Little bit culture in my life, how welcome that was ...

Nuutajärvi glass factory started 1793 and since March 2014 they closed the factory, but that doesnt mean that the glass making ended in Nuutajärvi, totally opposite. There are many younger and older great designers and glass-blowers continuing this tradition and I saw very lively, innovative and original works made by them. Many of these artists are living there and I felt that there is a lot of inspiration and the atmosphere was so relaxed!

Several boutiques and shops are worth to visit, where you can find all kind of glass works from dishes to Art objects. There are exhibitions, museum and the school where you can see glass-blowers working live, interesting!

Nugo Shop ,  where you can buy artists products

Artists working

cooling down!

Check the site of LASIKOMPPANIA in here

Lea Swantz is a glass bead designer and maker, everyone who makes or
adores beads in Finland surely knows her.
She has years of experience and knowledge. 
She is teaching bead making and she has given workshops in Italy and United States.

Beads, beads, beads!

Africa came to Nuutajärvi! A summer shop with colorful African produtcs by Karamaloo

Lasisirkus is an innovative glass company, by Alma and Johannes



In the village they also have their own smith, talented young man "Antti"

Ceramic by Laura

 Around the village they have exterieur Art

Glass art by Gina Salaris

Upstairs Nugo Shop, what a world of color!

Gina´s works

Nuutajärvi Glass Village people organized a happening for children, children were designing and then the glass-blowers and ceramic artists were producing their models, how fun that must be :). All done by volunteers, well done!

Then we had such a fun time by doing a wine glass test (!). Is there a difference for a glass? Does the taste change when the same wine is served in different glasses? Our test group says YES! This was not serious at all, but we all got our favorite ones!

 SEXY wine for sexy ladies :=)

Blind testing from the wine glass

Museum in Nuutajärvi

Museum bulding was originally a brewery

"Viimeinen Nuutajärvellä valmistettu UPOKAS"
The last "Upokas" made in Nuutajärvi
Upokas = Ceramic, where you melt the glass

Old crystal molds

Old vase made with filigran technic

 Glass Art by Gina Salaris in Prykäri Lasimuseo- museum

Glass Art by Gina Salaris in Prykäri Lasimuseo- museum

hahaha, some fooling:)


  1. Hi dear, I love to see your glass village pictures! Nice village, great glassworks! I bet you got a good supply of glass beads for your juwelery. :-)
    We will get you some more culture in Amsterdam later on this summer. Like? Big hug, Inge

  2. Hoi Amsterdammer! It is an inspiring village and I did buy some glass beads indeed, how did you know :) ? Culture in Amsterdam you get even just by walking on your streets, love it! See you in Amsterdam <3

  3. Magifique mais à part les perles le reste n'est pas facile à caser dans le camping-car :) Gros bisous de nous 2

    1. Salut! Justement, que les perles sont possible dans notre mode de vie, vous etes en France ou encore sur la route? Bise pour vous deux aussi :)

  4. Anonymous12 July, 2014

    Upeita lasitöitä.Olisi kiva nähdä paikan päällä miten nämä mestarit puhaltavat taidetta.


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