6 July 2014

Old Porvoo

Porvoo is famed for its old town, old wooden houses, the spirit of medieval time. Every summer it is a must for me to go there and now since last few years I always camp there some nights beside the river "Porvoonjoki" right front of the old town.

I used to go there every spring for my first motorbike drive around easter, year after year while waiting after a long winter that the spring arrives. It came a tradition that my bike got the first ride to Porvoo and me drinking a coffee in one of those river cafes. Golden memories :)

My bike and me "some" years ago and already as a kid I just loved bikes!

So back to Porvoo again... Porvoo is a city located 50 km east from Helsinki, it has a nice atmosphere, loads of design products, handcraft items and of course touristic things too, since in summer days it gets plenty of day tourists. Buss loads of people are coming to visit Porvoo during their days in Helsinki. Its historical side is charming, narrow alleys, small boutiques near the river but in winter its changes to a sleepy village!

Porvoonjoki, Porvoo river

Market square

The river was so tranquil!


Entrance to the church 

The little chocolate factory <3

In Finland we are crazy for old American cars, Ive never seen them so
 many in any other European countries

Girl enjoying the sunny day

From this cutie you can by liqourice!


  1. Anonymous07 July, 2014

    Whau! Varmaan oli kiva ajella moottoripyörällä.Oletpa sinä rohkea ihminen.Porvoon talot ja peilikuvat aivan fantastisia.Porvoossa on sitä jotakin.

  2. No rohkeudesta en tiiä, montakin juttua mihin en mukaan lähtis :), kypärä kulkee edelleen mukana, omaa pyörää ei ole, mutta vuokrafillareita löytyy!

  3. Anonymous09 July, 2014

    Trés jolies photos ,tu etais jolie quant tu etais jeune (gok) GAG

  4. Beautiful photos!!! :)


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