31 August 2014

Touring in France

Below some mixed photos from "tour de France". I was camping three days in this cozy camper spot in Montreaux, only 20 km from Switzerland. Excellent spot if you have your bicycle with you, beautiful roads next to the canal "Rhone au Rhin", hop all the Dutch people :)


29 August 2014

French doggy poop

France deserves credit for their doggy poop bag system! Often while walking in cities or villages, you see a system where they have made an attachment to walls or entrances to parks etc to get your own poop bag with you - free of charge! Well this gives comforts too all citizens, with or without dogs.

Other thing what many communes offers is that you can pick up your bags freely from the town hall, how great is that! I got this set of four rolls and the holder.

 This is something that many countries could take as a model!

28 August 2014

Rouffach - village with storks

I had one night stop in this little village called Rouffach, parked next to the church, but there is also a campsite and a real parking spot for campers, but I lost the sign on my way, so I parked just in the village. Quite soon when I was walking around, I found the camper spot, was not that far away either...

Lovely little village with many storks around! It also belongs to the route of Alsatian wine road which offers many nice small villages of course with their Alsatian wine (mostly white).

25 August 2014

Soufflenheim pottery village

Soufflenheim, my first village stop in France. You would think still being in Germany when you are in Soufflenheim, the name doesnt sound French, houses looks like in Germany and even the dialect they speak is not giving any hint of being in France! But you do find already your typical French baguette and croissants from your local boulangerie :).

Soufflenheim is located in Alsace, 60 km north from Strasbourg, near German border and its known from its potteries. Pottery has been done here already since the bronze age, the land is provided the needed clay.

23 August 2014

On the road 2014

I was spending nice summer days in Finland for 6 weeks and hitted the road again 1.8.2014, this time via Sweden and Denmark. For years I have been taking the ferry (Finnlines) directly from Helsinki to Travemunde (D) but this time the tickets were so higly priced without good offers and I was counting that I managed to drive with half of the price to Germany via Sweden rather than taking the ferry Finland - Germany.

4 August 2014

Fiskars village

Fiskars is a global brand, but also a picturesque village, where the brand Fiskars started at 1649. It is also the oldest company in Finland with its long history! They do produce tools for garden, home, office etc.

3 August 2014

Nuutajärvi - Hulluus ja hurmio

 I went still back to Nuutajärvi with my friend and enjoyed some days more in there. Got a good guided tour in the Glass expo - Hulluus ja hurmio (Madness and ecstasy) by a girl called Jasmi, thank you for this tour Jasmi! Each artist made a co-operation work with a writer, poet or with a musician, either that the text has inspired the artist´s work or the text was chosen after to fit with the art work. I liked the presentation and the feeling of this expo, especially when there were all these stories behind of each work present. Im not sharing all these stories, please go and have a look and hear the stories yourself :)