4 August 2014

Fiskars village

Fiskars is a global brand, but also a picturesque village, where the brand Fiskars started at 1649. It is also the oldest company in Finland with its long history! They do produce tools for garden, home, office etc.

I guess almost every Finnish household has these scissors 
(yes, I do have my pair in the van too)  and some more homes worldwide too, 
since more than 1 milliard Fiskars scissors are sold!

Fiskars is a nice village to visit in summer, there are exhibitions, handmade items, 
cozy cafes and restaurants and of course you find the original Fiskars products.

In Fiskars village exhibition Blurred Lines  - Rajapinnat, (  Facebook  ) this Glass Art 
work created by Gina Salaris

vases by Anu Penttinen

S.O.S Glass work

I loved these bird heads by Lea Swantz, lovely colorful!

After beeing around the Fiskars village was time to have a delicious carrot soup.

Next update will be somewehere else than Finland, I am now in Sweden
 and will get to Denmark today :)

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  1. Fiskars on ihana paikka kesäisin.Tämä kesä jäi minulta ilmeisesti väliin tai sittten mennään porukalla myöhemmin elokuussa. Loistavia lasitöitä.Silmään pisti ensimmäinen työ rajapinnat.Pitäisi nähdä luonnossa nuo mahtavan iskokoiset ja värikkäät vadit vai ovatko ne lautasia?


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