23 August 2014

On the road 2014

I was spending nice summer days in Finland for 6 weeks and hitted the road again 1.8.2014, this time via Sweden and Denmark. For years I have been taking the ferry (Finnlines) directly from Helsinki to Travemunde (D) but this time the tickets were so higly priced without good offers and I was counting that I managed to drive with half of the price to Germany via Sweden rather than taking the ferry Finland - Germany.

Helsinki - Stockholm tickets costed 237 euros, including cabin, my van (lenght < 7 meters), my dog and me. The cheapest cabins were already sold out, so you can traverse this road cheaper than I did. Prices are changing quite some depending when you leave and wich cabin class you choose.

Waiting to check-in 

My firt stop in Sweden, a camper stop place in Mantorp after Linköping, near the E4. Not the most beautiful spot, but this place was offering shower, toilets, washing machine (free of charge!), water
and electricity with 100 kr a day (11 e). The payments were done just to a box (what a trust!).
Well, I was little using this chance since I payed only 50 kr explaining to myself that it was fair enough since I didnt use electricity or other services. Fair enough, right?

The bridge and tunnel from Sweden to Denmark. I have been going to Central Europe in the past via Sweden too, but this was before the bridge excisted, so I was curios to take this Öresund bridge and tunnel road with a lenght of 8 km. Unfortunaly the weather was not at my side, so there was not much to see.. Crossing Öresund costed 98 euros for campers.

 Öresund - tunnel part

Arriving to Denmark

You still need to get another bridge, Stoereboelt, The Great Belt bridge whith a lenght of 6.7 km and this one costed 48 euros for campers. So total road costs were without diesel 383 euros to arrive in Germany. Money for diesel I spent around 150 euros. Tickets with Finnlines would have costed for me around 1050 euros (list price). 

I spent one night in the northern Germany and had a stop again near Kassel Hofgeismar and took few days relaxed with the doggy. Sitting outside and reading, wondering around the village. Nice spot to stay ( free of charge)

 Camping next to Mosel river. Such a picturesque river to follow from north of Trier up to Koblenz.
Plenty of villages and much camper stops all over, not forgetting the wine of Mosel :). I do recommend to drive around there!


See you soon, greetings from France!


  1. Kyllä kannatti ajaa Ruotsin kautta Saksaan .Selvästikin säästit rahaa ja saithan ajaa Juutinrauman siltaa pitkin tunneliin ja sieltä Saksaan.Vahinko vain,että sää ei suosinut.Olit silti ottanut kivoja kuvia taas.Aika paljon autoja nurmikentällä.Terveisiä sinne Ranskaan ja kohtahan ne apinatkin tulee sinne.

  2. Terveiset takaisin sinne Suomeen, juu apinoita ootellessa :)


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