25 August 2014

Soufflenheim pottery village

Soufflenheim, my first village stop in France. You would think still being in Germany when you are in Soufflenheim, the name doesnt sound French, houses looks like in Germany and even the dialect they speak is not giving any hint of being in France! But you do find already your typical French baguette and croissants from your local boulangerie :).

Soufflenheim is located in Alsace, 60 km north from Strasbourg, near German border and its known from its potteries. Pottery has been done here already since the bronze age, the land is provided the needed clay.

For the campers Soufflenheim offers a spot where you can park, have water + emptying and electricity for free of charge, amazing service from the commun, I would say! Nice village to have a one night stop and buy some pottery work as a deco or souvenir.


  1. Talojen perusteella voisi tosiaan luulla olevansa Saksassa.Olisi se vaan ihanaa asua tuollaisissa taloissa.Niin romanttisia.

  2. Täällä mekin oltiin, samalla airella, samojen palvelujen äärellä viimeiset yöt Ranskassa ennen Pohjolaan lähtöä!

    1. Huikeita nämä Ranskan Airet palveluineen. Onneksi ette olleet tässä parkissa elokuun kuumuudessa, asfaltti huokuaa kuumuutta jos sattuu kuumana päivänä Soufflenheimiin!


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