31 August 2014

Touring in France

Below some mixed photos from "tour de France". I was camping three days in this cozy camper spot in Montreaux, only 20 km from Switzerland. Excellent spot if you have your bicycle with you, beautiful roads next to the canal "Rhone au Rhin", hop all the Dutch people :)


Bridge between French and Swiss border

Misty morning in Metabief, France

Doggy´s walk friend, Elea

??? Yes in France....:), camped next to a circus

Up up up, I heard you may have a chance to see Mont Blanc from this view point of Pic de L´Aigle

Yes, Mont Blanc was to see :) far behind (click bigger)

Camper spot in Orgelet, commune is offering a place for campers+water free of charge!


Of course, du vin, we are in France after all :)



Also a living deco!

Somewhere on the mountains getting near Grenoble

Very picturesque road, getting up to Vassieux-En-Vercors

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  1. Voi,että mikä paikka! Kyllä kelpaa.Hienoja kuvia.


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