21 September 2014

Le Viaduc de Millau

I have always been fascinated from bridges and once again I passed The Millau Viaduc which is having a worldwide record of beeing a tallest bridge in the world with one mast's summit at 343 meters and the lenght of the bridge is 2460 meters. The bridge carries the road over the Tarn river and saves quite some time without the need to drive the old road!

Construction of this bridge costed aprox 400 million euros and 14 December 2001 was the laying of the first stone, exactly 3 years later 14 December 2004 was the official inauguration.

18 September 2014

La Canourgue - medieval village via Gorges du Tarn

Before arriving to medieval village La Canourge I was driving via Gorges du Tarn, a beautiful scenery road which you should not miss if you are around! It is very touristic, surely in July and August, but in September it is perfect do drive around. You can do plenty of outdoors activities such as kayaking, hiking, rock climbing..Wild camping would be very difficult in Tarn, but there are many campsites to choose from.

8 September 2014

fête du village - Village party

Found a very nice spot for campers in Puy-Saint-Martin, it used to be a tiny campsite, but now its a free spot reserved for campers. Basicly came there just to have a lunch but then I found out that there was a village party coming so I stayed there for a long weekend. Commune offers this spot free of charge and you have water and all the emptying services. There is a small box to leave money to support their  kindness and with this money the commune is paying the costs of water etc.

Puy-Saint-Martin camper stop, after 7 pm in the shade

4 September 2014

Slow days in Vassieux-en-Vercors

I spent several days in this tiny village of Vassieux-en-Vercors (altitude 1100 m, 80 km south-west of Grenoble). Beautiful scenery road to get there if you come from north and the road is getting even prettier if you are heading to south from there!

Today there is living 350 habitants with one bakery, a very little grocery shop, few bars and one pizzeria (very tasty pizzas!). You can make nice hikings around there and the commune is offering a spot for campers with water and emptying free of charge. To support their camper spot it is recommended to buy as a souvenir a sticker of Vercors at the price of 3 euro. And of course I do have one now :)

Camper spot in Vassieux-en-Vercors