8 September 2014

fête du village - Village party

Found a very nice spot for campers in Puy-Saint-Martin, it used to be a tiny campsite, but now its a free spot reserved for campers. Basicly came there just to have a lunch but then I found out that there was a village party coming so I stayed there for a long weekend. Commune offers this spot free of charge and you have water and all the emptying services. There is a small box to leave money to support their  kindness and with this money the commune is paying the costs of water etc.

Puy-Saint-Martin camper stop, after 7 pm in the shade

Village it self is very small (800+ habitants), some restaurants, little hotel and a good supermarket, but it was very lively the weekend I was lucky to spend there!

Well, why not, they dont have to have always same color!

Memorial for second world war

Friday evening´s program was petanque and live music front of a restaurant. 

Malabar String, very original style music, jazz, singing in Jiddish, German and English

 The next day´s program started already before the afternoon, people dancing and singing on the street with musicians. Atmosphere was cheerful indeed :)

Madame Pierre? French women are definetely beautiful!

Cheers for you too!

Afternoon was time to the petanque again, balls passing both sides of the camper

Doggy watching the game too

The band, evening there was another party with live music until 3 am

Sunday was reserved for the second hand market

 And I bought one of these at the market

An old beauty, peace!


  1. Whau mikä mesta! Teillä kävi tuuri,että olitte paikalla,kun pippalot alkoi.Ihana pikku paikka.Hauskoja kuvia eri tilanteesta.

    1. Oliha kiva kokemus ja paikalliset mukavia. Ne jotka olivat aloittaneet juhlimisen jo aamusella, lääkittiin buranalla loppu iltapäivästä (arvasivat että matkailuautosta voisi lääkettä löytyä :) ) ja yksi papparainen sai helpotusta jääpaloista, kun ei muistanut enää jalkaansa nostella kävellessään ja kumautti itsensä pitkin sepeliä. Mutta mukavaa oli!


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