18 September 2014

La Canourgue - medieval village via Gorges du Tarn

Before arriving to medieval village La Canourge I was driving via Gorges du Tarn, a beautiful scenery road which you should not miss if you are around! It is very touristic, surely in July and August, but in September it is perfect do drive around. You can do plenty of outdoors activities such as kayaking, hiking, rock climbing..Wild camping would be very difficult in Tarn, but there are many campsites to choose from.


Castelbouc in Gorges du Tarn

Medieval village Saint-Enimie is chosen to be as one of the most beautiful village in France. Unfortunaly I couldnt see a parking to stop, later on I heard that there would have been a big parking down next to the river where campers could also stop (not over night!).


Camper stop in La Canourge, medieval village with around 2000 habitants. Beautiful spot to stay, straight next to the old village. Other side of the parking there is a river passing and you can hear the music of the water in your camper by night when it is so silent! Commune offers this parking for free of charge for campers and there is a spot to take water and do the emptying for toilets and grey water, also free!

Photo taken other side of the parking

Every tuesday there is a market

cheese market

It was getting little bit wet, time to move again!


  1. Voi,että mikä paikka! Olisipa mahdollisuus asua tuossa kylässä.Aivan upea paikka.Hyviä kuviaa jälleen kerran.

  2. Enpä menis takuuseen asumisesta juuri tuossa kylässä ainakaan talvisaikaan! Moni asukas asuu siellä vain kesäisin, sillä se on reilu 500 m korkeudella ja talvisin on aika viileä paikka, ei tietenkään mitään verrattuna Suomen oloihin :). Mutta kesällä, se on mainio pysähdyspaikka ja mukavia patikointireittejä on lähellä.


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