4 September 2014

Slow days in Vassieux-en-Vercors

I spent several days in this tiny village of Vassieux-en-Vercors (altitude 1100 m, 80 km south-west of Grenoble). Beautiful scenery road to get there if you come from north and the road is getting even prettier if you are heading to south from there!

Today there is living 350 habitants with one bakery, a very little grocery shop, few bars and one pizzeria (very tasty pizzas!). You can make nice hikings around there and the commune is offering a spot for campers with water and emptying free of charge. To support their camper spot it is recommended to buy as a souvenir a sticker of Vercors at the price of 3 euro. And of course I do have one now :)

Camper spot in Vassieux-en-Vercors

nice walkings around Vercors

hmmm, which road? Let the doggy desided!

The town hall, "Mairie"

People in Vassieux-en-Vercors suffered a big loss by the German troops in July 1944, 73 habitants was killed and houses left as ruins. In the middle of the village there is memorial monument with the names of the people who got killed that day.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...Left Vercors behind and drew this beautiful
 scenery road to the next destination.

And the challenge of the GPS, when it puts you in the small roads.
I kinda like it, you manage to get to the roads you would otherwise
never come across!


  1. Oi mitä maisemia!! Upean näköinen tuo raatihuone.Reiska sitten valitsi oikean kaistan.Surullista varmaan asukkaille joiden omaisten nimet löytyy muistomerkistä.

    1. Monesta kylästä löytyy muistomerkkejä sodalle, vaikuttavin alue on kuitenkin ollut tähän mennessä Normandie, josta taidankin tehdä jossain vaiheessa bloggauksen vaikken siellä nyt käynytkään. Paikka veti todella hiljaiseksi..


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