22 December 2014

Fasolaki - simple ingredients, but so tasty!

I gotta share this recipe with you since it is one of my favorite Greek dishes, why not try to make this at your place? Usually this is made without potatoes, but I think its a perfect match, especially for a winter food..

This is what you need aprox.

1 kg potatoes
500 gr green beans
4-5 big tomatoes
2 big onions
3-5 cloves garlic ( I add 5 since I love garlic!)
1 dl olive oil
vegetable stock (1 cube)
salt and pepper how you like it
dryed thyme

Add oil in a bigger sized pot, add the sliced onions in it and let them sweat before adding the tomatoes which you have cut in little pieces. Add the vegetable stock with them.

Add sliced green beans through it and let it boil in a small flame.

I pre-cook the potatoes in the boiling water before adding them to the pot with the other ingredients.
When the potatoes has come little softer, add them in the pot with the garlic and thyme. Let it slowly cook ready and the liquid should also evaropate quite some.

I like to use basicly always only fresh ingredients, but you can also use the frozen green beans and ready crushed tomatoes (atleast 500 ml needed).

Enjoy your meal, Kali Orexi, Hyvää ruokahalua!

I suggest a dark smoky beer with it if you eat this during the colder days, in summer a blonde well hopped beer is a percfet marriage with it :) and you can also use it as a side dish when you serve it without potatoes, works well!

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