6 December 2014

First 1000 km on Crete

Jassu everyone,

It´s been so nice to be back in Crete and weather has been more or less beautiful and December has started great! After the one week rest in Tsoutsouros we went to Ierapetra, the most southern city of Europe, spent few days in Koutsounari beach and up we went again to Elounda and Agios Nikolaos. I have a Finnish friend living there and we spent again nice evening together. I guess the only who was not so pleased was the cat in the house, totally not thrilled to get the doggy in the house! Well, they actually did well and I am happy that my dog is scared of cats, so there was a peace in the house of my friend.

Like the title said, first 1000 km done, tells already that I have made already some touring and now working on the photos. See you in Matala, peace!

One night stop at the port of Ierapetra, permitting to visit bar from Nikos and he was teaching to play blackgammon, thank you Nikos :) (and special thanks for loosing one, hahah!)

Playing with Nikos

Arrived in Elounda and this beautiful rainbow was waiting to be seen!

Beach side of Elounda at night

The water in Elounda is often as calm as a lake..

Few night stop at Agios Nikolaos port

Doggy in cat´s house, Is she really going to drink from MY cup???

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