17 December 2014

Paradise in the Gorge of Kourtaliotiko

Was time to put our happy hiking team together again, meeting up with my Austrian friends Harald and Renate :)! We stayed few days at the ancient Preveli Bridge and started to hike towards the Kourtaliotiko Gorge.

The name of the gorge comes from the Greek word "kourtala" which means claps and there is special point 20 meters from the north entrance where you can hear like hand claps and these are consequence of the wind being funnelled through the high caves of the gorge and breaking the sound barrier. I have been driving up the road through the gorge many many times and mostly there is always wind, but now we had just sun without a wind, so no hand clapping!

Harald and Renate <3

The Kourtaliotiko Gorge

Preveli stayed behind us

This was kinda funny story, my doggy with a bamboo.....well, this bamboo used to be my walking stick since last winter already until it ended up to be a toy for the doggy! And how it ended up for the doggy? Well.... Renate saw doggy running around happily and she thought, hey, what a nice bamboo for the doggy, she broke it up in two pieces and threw it to her! Doggy was happy and I only could hear, heyyyy here is a nice stick for you....I looked at Renate (obviesly too late) and said - That was MY BAMBOO! Gosh, she didnt even think about it, but after all we had a good laugh about it :). Few days later, Renate found a nice new bamboo for me from the Preveli Beach.

Renate feeling miserable after she realized that it was my walking bamboo!

There is a tiny chappel near the northern entrance

We had a pause over this little bridge...

..And when you walk with Renate, she is always prepared to have good raki with her :)

Fruits found on our way, waterfall behind the mandarine.

When we got back down to the gorge, was time to dry the shoes

Getting to the paradise!!!!!!!!!

Here you can swim inside to the gorge, water was freezing cold for me!

Doggy is happy to get the missing team members back from the swim :)

Harald is also known as a Tarzan.

Doggy had her rest too, plenty of playing makes you sleepy :)


hahahha, good name for the fancy houses up in Beverly, ops, Preveli!

Getting back, what a wonderful day!!!


  1. Uskon,että oli ihana päivä.Aivan upea tuo Kourtaliotiko rotko.Siis paratiisi.Olet ottanut hyviä kuvia taas kerran.Pidin niistä vesiputous kuvista.Vai rikkoi Renate sun bambu kävelykepin hah hah !No Reiska oli onnellinen.Jännää,että sieltä löytyi todella kaunis kappeli sisäänkäynnistä.
    Hmm hmm Rakia!

  2. Kourtaliotiko on yksi upeimmista ellei upein paikka missä olen tähän mennessä Kreetalla käynyt, uusia paikkoja odotellessa:)

  3. Oilipa kerrassaan upea retki ja hienot kuvat! Me envy...

    1. Kiitos! Jos Kreetalle joskus suuntaat, niin tiedät mihin mennä :)


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