26 December 2014

Preveli and the old Venetian Bridge

Preveli and the Old Venetian Bridge is a fascinating place for me. You can do many beautiful walks around like the one I did last year to the palm beach or few weeks ago in Kourtaliotiko Gorge.

When I was trying to find more information about the bridge I found this beautiful photo from the bridge and since Ursa Major is the most important star group personally for me, I really loved it!

Doggy and me :)

View from the bridge

These four gooses were always around and they sure got a great share of my bread!

Doggy and gooses, no problem!

Each evening these fellows went to sleep on this little "island" in the mini-lake.

winter colors of Crete

Banana tree flower


Now when you drive or walk around the island, everyone are working with olive trees. Last year there were basicly not any olives, but this year all the olive trees are hanging full. You see every where pick-up vans transporting big bags to the factory where they will press oil out of it.

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