10 December 2014

Rock on @ BabaYaga

Since it is winter and not to many actions around so it was a BIG MUST to get back to Matala when the wind was gone. You could not miss the rock n roll evening at BabaYaga

So end of November these boys from Athens came to play with their group called Beggar´s Blues Diary and they were rocking with full power indeed :)

You can meet the boys on their website

Waiting the band coming

First clients already arrived and numerous amounts of doggies too :)

Time to rock!

Newest album from Beggar´s Blues Diary, ends up as a camper deco..

Roberto with his mini pig

Thanking the good gig ? :)

Beer beer beer! Thank you Sofia!

The guitar behind Sofia is nicely placed, she looks like a devil :)

Thanks for the nice evening Beggar´s Blues Diary and BabaYaga!


  1. Kävin poikien sivulla kuuntelemassa heidän biisejä.Hyvä bändi,Rock rock!


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