7 January 2015

New Years party at Zorbas Island, Xronia Polla!

Welcome Year 2015!

We had wonderful time at Zorbas Island and we were ready to get to the year 2015! Loads of laughing, loads of food and dancing and plenty of more drinking!

Many countries were present as always in Zorbas, this time Holland, Austria, Germany, France, England, Greece, Belgium and Finland. Thank you Zorbas for the excellent party time!

Happy people!

Special thanks for the "Oliebol", which is a typical Dutch goodie that I havent had in years!

Yes, no more smoking, time for the e-cigarettes, well done boys :)

Raki is good from Kuksa

And let the dance begin!

raki raki raki and more raki

Doggy got her nice share of the party

Harald and Renate shows how to shake the hips :P

THE happy ladies

"Ola Kala = OK says Erik

Nienke and Erik

Helen having her laugh

Leo and Stephanie

Erik´s fly

Lets make two drinks for us...

OH YES!!!! Yamas Joery and Andre!

 I did it myyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyy !!

 Happy New Year, Onnellista Uutta Vuotta, Xronia Polla !


  1. Noissa partyissä mäkin olisin halunnut olla mukana.Hyvää ruokaa ja hyvää seuraa ja mikä ilotulitus.Kiva on aloittaa juhlimisen jälkeen vuotta 2015.Oot sä aika epeli tanssimaan.

    1. Eduksi mulle, että kuvissa ei näy liike :P

  2. What a fun party it was!! The food was just amazing it is making me so hungry. It was my desire to attend the best nye party nyc this year but I couldn’t visit NYC but the party that I attended at a local party venue was also very enjoyable.

  3. Hey, this New Year’s party at Zorbas Island looks great. I have also been there for attending a Christmas party in 2014. It is a great place. You know I wanted to have wedding on this but our guests will not be able to travel there so we have now booked domestic wedding venues Los Angeles.


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