28 January 2015

Palms and a monastery

North East of Crete is quiet area and this time I had a look also in a monastery, not just parking under the palms at Vai beach. One perfect beach for the doggy to run around and play in the water, her favorite daily thing!

Vai features the largest natural palm forest in Europe  made up of Cretan palm. Palms starts on a valley and ends to the beach, 20 hectars of palms. Wonderful place in this time of year!

I feel like beeing in a Moroccon oasis

baby palm

kiss kiss kiss!

Toplou monastery was founded around in the mid 15th century, but it has been many times deserted. In 16th century it destroyed by an earthquake and all the monks were slaughtered by the Turks in 1821. During the German occupation of 1941-44, Toplou was providing shelter to resistence fighters and housed their wireless radio. When this was discovered by the Germans, the abbot and two monks were tortured and executed. Its history is turbulent but now the monks are having their peace. Toplou has many works of art to its possession and it hosts an interesting exhibition of Byzantine icons, books and other kind of documents.

It was forbidden to take photos inside of the monastery, so these are only I can offer to you, photos from the outside, you need to go to visit yourself :).


Little chapel outside of the monastery

The male dog came out of the monastery to greet my doggy.


  1. Ihania palmuja ja rantoja.Kyllä kelpaa!Mulla meni kylmät väreet,kun luin niitten munkkien kohtaloista.Kyllä ihminen on julma.Luostari on ulkopäin upea.Ai Reiskalla on kosija.Kerrottakoon,että Reiska on oikeasti tyttökoira.

    1. Hahaha, vähänkö nauratti toi muistutus Reiskan sukupuolesta, mutta tottahan se on :), Ei nimi miestä...eiku..naista pahenna!


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