28 March 2015

Birthdays, baby goats and petanque

It is always so nice to be in Frangokastello, such a nice stop with beautiful beach and of course meeting always the nice Greek family from here! This time my English camper friends were here too, as they also like to come back and back to this spot.

We celebrated Linda´s birthday, I watch the petanque, played with team UK, Greek and France and had a chance to feed a baby goat! Many nice moments and conversations with Linda, the woman who can talk non-stop, in a good way :). Most of days she was coming to my camper for a few hours chat, she has so many stories to tell, I miss her already since they left on Friday.

Monday should come better weather with plenty of sun, so we will stick around still a while in Frangokastello.

Doggy knows this spot so well and enjoyes in here too!

I loved how the wind and sea has worked the small stones on the beach

Let´s play petanque!

Doggy was participating too, she is a French girl after all!

huggy time!

Sunset with the petanque evening

Beach walk and hunting sea treasures

<3 <3 <3, too cute!!!


Linda´s birthday party

Linda gets my creation, Sea Rubbish wind chime

Time for a chocolate cake yammy!

Blow it, that we can taste it!!!!!

Lucky Linda´s husband had a better gift for Linda made by me, he approached me that he would like to get a bracelet for Linda and later also earrings, so I created this colorful things for her and it suited well!

Doggy was too of course at the party

Later we cooked a nice meal together

So here we are still, enjoying and while I was writing just this update, I got a knock on my window, my Greek friends brought - oranges, olive oil, honey and some sweets in syrop! Its time I am amazed about this Greek hospitality <3


  1. Frangokastello on upea paikka.Ei ihme,että viihdytte siellä.Pääsit sitten syöttämään ihanaa vauva vuohia.Mitä Reiska tuumasi?Olit tehnyt Lindalle upeat korut synttärilahjaksi.Kelpaisi mullekin.Vaikka mulla on jo aika monta sun tekemää korua niin ainahan niitä haluaa lisää,kun näkee uuden luomuksen.

    1. Sä voisit sun varastolla aloittaa korukaupan! Reiska sai olla autossa passissa kun pääsin hemmottelemaan näitä :)

  2. Mun korut ei ole myytävänä,mitkä olet mulle tehnyt.Olisihan se kivaa jos niitä olisi vielä enemmän.Ahneudella ei ole loppua.

  3. Miten se menikään, ahneella on p****nen loppu? :)

  4. Haha hah hah!Vihjaatsä niihin etsintäkuulutettuihin pönttökuviin?

    1. Haaaa, no en tarkoittanu sitä, hyvä huomio :), harmi ettei näihin kommentteihin pysty liittää kuvia demonstroimaan!


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