1 March 2015

Carnival in Crete

In Greece the carnival dates  are tied to Greek Orthodox Easter which is usually different from Western Easter. Every few years, both calendars will coincide, but this year it is one week later. Greece has long traditions with carnivals, for example in Patras (in mainland) ranks in the top three carnival celebrations in the world with it´s 180 years traditions.

So it was nice to me see this, even in this smaller city of Ierapetra. People were cheerful and enjoying the time as much as I did with the doggy :)

This cloud should have been shown in Tyrnavos :

Specifically Carnival in Tyrnavos holds an annual Phallus festival, a traditional "phallkloric" event] in which giant, gaudily painted effigies of phalluses made of papier maché are paraded, and which all women present are asked to touch, or kiss... their reward for doing so being a shot of the famous local tsipouro / raki, alcohol spirit...

This cloud was huge indeed!  

What is this? What will they do for him? See the last photo of this article..

Before the parade started we were wondering around the town and watching people..

Doggy waiting the parade to start.

I guess we have used the same shop with this fellow, he is obviesly also a Dutch football team supporter :)

Many princesses around.

Rod Stewart?


Parade has started!

Catch it!

Club Vatican


Makes me sing.....Lola, Lo lo lo lo Lola.

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls..

One girl and one..

Another carnival doggy

Even a horse and a pony.

So, In the end  this "doll" or "carnival puppet" had a bonfire, I wouldnt know why, must be  tradition!


  1. Whau! Varmaan mahtava tapahtuma noi karnevaalit. Upeita kuvia ja mikä väriloisto.Reiska taisi olla kuin kotonaan.

    1. Kyllä oli mukavaa meillä, Reiska viihtyi siihen asti kunnes joku alkoi paukuttamaan paukkupommeilla, siinä vaiheessa tyttö piti viedään autoon huilimaan..Ierapetran karnevaalit ovat suhteellisen pienet, Rethymnonissa olisi jo 100 vuoden karnevaaliperinteet ja juhlijoita tuhansittain. Mutta pienestä ompi hyvä aloittaa:)


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