15 March 2015

First BBQ 2015!

The first BBQ party done:), last year the first one was already on the first January, but better later than ever! Like always we were again presented by many nationalities; Greece, Germany, Spain, USA, Israel,  Czech Republic, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Italy, Austria, Palestine, Finland and many many doggies (not quite sure if there weren´t in somepoint more dogs than people..)

The big suprise was that Linda and Sergio gave a suprise visit to  Matala . We met them already last year in here and now they just came back for some days since they were in Athens and on the way back home to Spain. Was extremely nice to see this cutest couple in the world again :)

Let the BBQ start :)

Yamas, Cheers!

Jimmy´s turn to play

She was the youngest musician :)

Grrrrrrr, Khaled and Kanela

Sergio pointing a broccoli obviesly for me!

Linda and Sergio

Nice music from Camilla

Few of the doggies have had enough to eat




Eleni and Tedo

An ode for a broccoli

Life is beautiful!

Paddy having still something to eat

In Matala there is a slogan "Today is life, tomorrow never comes", but obviesly it came since Linda and Segio were leaving, see you next time!

Beach was quiet...


  1. Ihana Matala! Olisinpa saanut olla mukana teidän kekkereissä.Hauskaa tuntui olevan.No,ehkä mä pääsen keväällä Matalaan.

  2. Kyllähän me Matalaan pysähdytään :)


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