11 March 2015

Kastri - beads, port, sea and walking

We have passed by this village before, but this was the first time we stopped there and had a wonderful week! It is located in the South, between Mires and Ierapetra, 12 km south from Ano Viannos. Kastri is a tiny fishing village with some tavernas, port, beaches, no hotels but there are rooms to rent. Supermarket is also open all year around and its runned by a friendly man, Manolis. Actually everyone I met were so friendly and in one week time, I learned to know many people and when I made the walks with the doggy it felt that I would actually live in the village.

I made a nice friendship with Jorgos, the bead artist. He is handicapped and he is working from his wheelchair, living and working in his studio on the beach road - easy to find him. I´ve been doing myself also glass beads and hoping to make them next time together with Jorgos, would be fun. I had such a good laugh with him and he also wanted to give me a ride, how cool is that!

Beach next to the port

Kastri port and in the front Jimmy´s taverna where we spent excellent moments with the family who runs the taverna and other local clienst!

Finally could sit outside for a coffee :)

Port of Kastri


Cats warming up in the sun

Portela Canyon, but too much water to get more up and with the doggy too complicated, but we enjoyed the time and other walk in the nature.

Meeting with the bead artist, Jorgos. You can visit his website in HERE

Glass treasures from Jorgos

Fast & Furios


  1. Täytyy kyllä myöntää,että Kreikan pikkukylät ovat kauniita.Upeita maisemia.Ilmeisesti pääsen tutustumaan tähänkin kylään keväällä.Vai?

  2. Joo, mennään moikkaa Jorgosta :)


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