27 March 2015

Rain from Sahara?

When I woke up this morning and saw how dirty my van was, It was clear that I need to clean atleast the solar panels! My whole van was covered with this reddish sand and lucky there is a church nearby and I could go to give a small washing to my home. My guess is that this one came directly from the Sahara, horrible stuff!

Yesterday was an awful weather, solar panels had already plenty of work to try to charge my batteries and today when we got some sun again was time to clean the panels that I would have some energy and can hang on the internet a bit :)

See the difference, other panel is already cleaned

Today is about +23 c , wind from the south east, sun and clouds, nice weather :)


  1. Hyi miten paljon siellä on hiekkaa lentänyt tuulen mukana.Onneksi lähellä oli kirkko,mistä saitte vettä (pöllittyä. )

  2. Pöllittyä? Kirkko antaa ja suojelee ihmisiä hädässä.


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