23 March 2015

Treasures from the sea

Sea treasures or you just might call it Sea Rubbish, would be maybe more justified. Not that I just photograph lost shoes, I also like to look and find sea treasures from the beach. How exciting is that!
I love floated wood and the soft surface on it when the sea has done its job.

My camper friends from UK are also having this odd thing, who finds the most precious object or in some cases the most odd, it is a funny game, there are more of us to do it and actually collecting them up. They mostly like to keep the object as decoration and put it back on its place after some days as you can understand the place is limited in the camper, we can not keep all of them! 

In December I found this plastic flower with a frog on it, I was giving it a "new life" on the beach, I attached it on a brunch and let it blossom again.. and thought I would never see it again...

My sea flower, my treasure (yes, I left it on the beach in blossom)

In February, maybe 150 km from the place where I left the flower on its blossom, I got a gift package from my English camper friends...How exciting again!

I opened the package and got this tasty tea, they knew I would like it, little turquoise book and the sea flower which looked so familiar!!!

Obviesly  they have been on the same beach that I was some months earlier.

I had such a good laugh and I wrote to them to check out my blog dated in December and have a look, hoping they would have as good laugh as I did. Linda wrote me back:

"Yes, we laughed out loud DAYS AGO when we saw the flower on your blog. 

My husband ( as you will have guessed ) found the flower walking solo on the beach at Frangokastello and brought it back for me to claim his victory.  It was Valentine's Day, and he said it was my beautiful gift ! I wasn't very impressed at his generosity. As you also thought it worthy enough to photograph it, we thought it only correct that it should come back to you"
How funny was that :)
So I thought since Linda´s birthday was coming, I should atleast make her a gift  out of sea treasures..
back in Frangokastello and went for treasure hunting on the beach.

My catch was, plenty of floated wood, shells, a baby shoe, rusted toy car, bones, parts from beer can, earring and some other unidentified object. Perfect material to create a  wind chime.

This is the result, Treasures from Frangokastello.

Really, a nightmare gift for someone who lives in a camper - but I sure did have fun making it :)

Still coming back to this flower which I found, which they found and which came back to me...Not quite sure what I will do with it. I still have it, I´ve kinda attached to it by now somehow. Only thing I know is that I can not just throw it away. Maybe I need to glue it somewhere AFTER they have left the island behind them! 


  1. Aivan uskomatonta toi kukkajuttu.Kyllä naurua taisi piisata.Miten hienon tuulikellon teit hokkus pokkus tosta vaan mitä rannalta löytyi.Ootsä vaan niin luova.

  2. Tehdään sulleki rantojen löydöstä sun pihalle tommonen kun tuut :)

  3. Tehdään vaan.Ei ainakaan löydy toista samanlaista.Siinähän naapuritkin ihmettelevät,että mikä härveli siellä pyörii.

  4. So wonderful things you have created :-)! Some idea for me, too, after one month in Tinos! Hyvät jatkot!!

    1. Thank you Eija, Let´s clean the beaches in Greece and create things from the sea rubbish :)! Wishing you wonderful treasure hunting in Tinos!!!


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