21 March 2015

Triopetra - the three stones

We were getting to Triopetra via Agios Pavlos, located in the south coast, about 50 km from Rethymnon. Triopetra with its magical three rocks is a beach I really liked! You can walk from Agios Pavlos or vice versa to Triopetra and enjoy from the beautiful landscapes, endless beaches and rocks. I can see why the energy is good to keep yoga retrets in here.

Agios Pavlos felt a nice spot too, but not with a camper, not too much space to park, so we took direction Triopetra to check it out. Few nice looking tavernas (off season all closed) and rooms for rent, peace and tranquility is all you can find in this place.

West of Agios Pavlos

Agios Pavlos

Approaching Triopetra

THE Triopetra - three stones

Beach, cloudy day and snow on the mountains

Doggy watching down

Plenty of BBQ circles on the beach

Shipwreck cafe on the beach with its mermaid

rotting away on the beach...

Sheeps on tour!

Now she found the right size of wood to play with (bigger not available.)

View to the other side from top of the rocks

To this beach we definetely will come back!


  1. Tonne mennään ehdottomasti.Upea ranta ja maisemat.Kivet oli tosi erikoisia.Hmm! Toi Reiska on sitten hauska.Eikö nyt isompaa keppiä löytynyt?

  2. Katsotaan josko täällä voisi olla parkissa kun sesonki on alkanut, uskoisin! Joo toi keppi oli hupaisan kokoinen, mutta kevyt, toisin kuin jotkut halot joita tyttö yrittää raahata.


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