18 March 2015

Weather and road conditions

This winter has been so different from last year, we have had snow, hails, rain, wind (not talking about small gusts!), sun and plenty of many cold days which are unusual in Crete. I can say that if this would have been my first winter trip in Crete, I would say I would never come back. Last winter was fabulous and yes, the local people here say that this year really hasn´t been the usual one. Some say that they have never lived such a winter, some say that it was 20 years ago last time so bad, some says 10 years ago. Nature says of course thank you (!), but it has caused many problems to the roads and lands. I guess all these roads will not be cleaned up / repaired before the season starts, but I am hoping the good warm days arrives by then :)

January 2015

February 2015, near Ano Viannos

February 2015, Ano Viannos

The main southern road, just one lane in use, March 2015

March 2015

March 2015, many rocks has fallen all over Crete

holes, holes and holes

This road has come hollow under, March 2015

Sheeps on the road, all year around :)


  1. Hrrrrr! Ihan kuin Suomessa toi sää tänä talvena.No onneksi kesää kohti mennään.Joku tulee kohta sinne aurinkoon,jee!

  2. No ei ihan Suomen lukemiin päästy, onneksi niin ja maltahan vielä tovi siellä, aikas tarkalleen 42 päivää :)


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