26 May 2015

Skouros and Listis beach

Skouros Beach

If you are seeking a silent beach, I bet these two are pretty silent even in August. Just beside Kastri, Southern coast of Crete, around 70 km from Heraklion...

21 May 2015

Little chapel

Ive been passing Amiras Memorial monument several times, spent even a night next to the monument, but first time I saw the door open to the little chapel next to it. It is an emotional place with its 461 candle holders, one for each victim who was executed by the Germans.

The monument is made to not forget the Holocaust of Viannos in 14-16 September 1943 when the Nazi forces attacked the Cretan civilian residents east of Ierapetra. Totally in 20 villages they were executed 500 people, burning most of the villages and destroying their harvest. The massive loss of live made this place one of the deadliest massacres during the occupation of Greece. Müller, the German general who was behind this attack earned his nickname "the Butcher of Crete". After the war he got executed for his part in this and other massacres.

17 May 2015

Curry & Mango, Agios Nikolaos goes Indian!

I was talking with an English gentleman (thank you Steve!) at the marina of Agios Nikolaos and somehow we started to talk about food and ended up to talk about Indian cuisine and its flavors. Then he told me that actually that same night (yesterday) was an opening of an Indian restaurant in Agios Nikolaos, next to Kitroplateia Beach. So you can guess where we had a dinner yesterday :).

I love Indian cuisine also because it has a large selection of tasty vegetarian choices and I think that back home in Finland, I have been in all of them and I mean ALL. Most northern one has been in Kemi, more than 700 km from Helsinki. But now we are not in Kemi, we are in Agios Nikolaos, just
4500 km south from Kemi, restaurant called L´Indien. It is written in the French way since the owners, Marie-Line and Jaimour, has had 20 years Indian restaurant in Paris and now they have opened this new one in Crete.

14 May 2015

Touring with mom 2015

Pervot Pervolassa

This update I wrote in Finnish, it is about the 10 days I just spent with my mom <3 from the beginning of  May.

Blogissa on ollut hiljaista reilut kaksi viikkoa, mutta se ei johdu siitä että olisi ollut hiljaista, päinvastoin, sain äitini kylään Kreetalle!
Yllä oleva kuva on kevään 2014 satoa, viime vuoden turneeltamme, ja taas nautittiin mukavat kymmenen päivää yhdessä toukokuun alusta. Naurua, jutustelua, retkeilyä riitti, kiitos Äiti <3!