26 May 2015

Skouros and Listis beach

Skouros Beach

If you are seeking a silent beach, I bet these two are pretty silent even in August. Just beside Kastri, Southern coast of Crete, around 70 km from Heraklion...

To get to Skouros beach, you can park in the port of Kastri and walk trough the gate from the church and you will see the beach front of you. Nice thing is that there are plenty of trees, gives you a nice shade in the hot afternoon!

Leaving Kastri behind and heading to Listis Beach, the church you see is the church I mentioned and below the church you see Skouros Beach. Maybe 3 km walk from Kastri, to get to Listis.

Flowers on the road

They were beautiful these circle clouds and they lasted very long time, like two rings.

To get to Listis you have to walk a small pist road, no access with car, but just above there is a small parking where you can park and get down by foot and have a swim :)

Getting down

The big rock has some caves

No, it is not dead - it is just a stone!

Some shade behind the stones

No tavernas, no services on these beaches, but you can eat in Kastri or just after Listis beach is one more beach and I think there they might have a beach tavern or something, have a look!


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2015

    Voi,että noita maisemia.Ihan ikävä tulee Kreetaa.Olipa erikoiset noi pilvet.

    1. Kreetalla upeita rantoja riittää ja aina on kiva olla kesä aikaan niissä, jotka ei ole kaikki aurinkotuoleilla täytetty.

  2. Anonymous08 June, 2015

    Toujours de trés jolies photos mais le traducteur ne fonctionne pas GAG

    1. Merci GAG, j´ai pas des idee pourquoi il ne function pas, faux de google?


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